Social Responsibility

CRC’s code of conduct is based on a foundation of integrity, equality and ethical practices. We are committed to the following:


CRC is dedicated to creating high value returns for its partner country and its citizens. .. By utilizing as much local human resources, raw materials, and goods and services as possible, it aims to create a new, sustainable and dynamic industry that is completely integrated into existing industries within its partner country.


CRC adheres to the highest of environmental and social standards. One of CRC’s core businesses is the production of clean electricity through solar farms. In addition, prior to project commencement, all aspects of the project are evaluated using an environmental assessment tool to ensure the protection of fragile ecosystems that may be present in the project area (water courses, flora and fauna, cultural heritage areas, avian and mammals etc.).

CRC also employs internal policies and regulations that ensure ethical dealings. It is committed to providing equal opportunity employment, ‘open-book’ dealings with local governments, anti-corruption and bribery commitments, skill training for all employees and the safeguarding and upholding of human rights norms and standards.


CRC is committed to working with local governments on all levels; funding research and development initiatives with local educational and social institutions; co-developing projects with local companies; and participating in and supporting local charity initiatives.