Social Benefits: Skill Transfer

A key element to the successful implementation of CRC’s proposal is the proper training and education of our employees. Since the skill set requirements for the jobs range from general labour to highly skilled solar technicians and salesmen, training will be one of our biggest mandates.


Construction Related Jobs:

Electrical: Laying out cables, installing, connecting and testing electrical systems, connecting solar cells and panels etc.
Mechanical: Recognize, assess, work with and around and possibly control and operate heavy machinery and equipment etc.
Civil/Labour: Equipment inspection, on-site communication, first aid and traffic management, proper use and care for tools etc.
Safety: Understand the requirements of the job and, recognize hazards and practices for safe machine operation, including personal protective equipment etc.

Manufacturing Related Jobs:

  • Quality control programs, assurance audits work plans and worker competence criteria and assessments etc.
  • Proper and safe use of assembly equipment and machines and production scheduling etc.
  • Time management, organising work flow and assembly line management etc.
  • Machine maintenance, repairs and waste management etc.


Service/Operation Related Jobs:

  • Solar technician training (college equivalent training program: 2-4 semesters)
  • Service technician training (college equivalent training program: 4-6 week program)


Life Skills Center (after hours program)

  • Qualified professionals will teach willing employees: reading, writing, arithmetic and basic computer skills etc.


Head Office and Sales Office Related Jobs

  • Administration/accounting and payroll etc.
  • Computer skills with associated software etc.
  • Supplier relationship management etc.
  • Preparing RFP documents and sales pitches etc.
  • Tracking sales and sale leads, closing sales and follow-up work plans etc.