Opportunity Highlights


  • CRC will inject a significant amount of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the host country.


  • The establishment of a solar PV manufacturing industry in an increasingly high growth sector.

Opportunity to attract supply chain businesses such as:

  • Aluminum extrusion for solar PV panel framing
  • High transparency Solar PV glass
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) lamination sheets for silicon cell encapsulation process
  • Packaging materials (boxes, shrink wrap, wood pallets,…)
  • Solar PV panel recycling

Opportunity to export products and services to neighbouring regions and countries.

Potential secondary business of exporting excess energy to neighbouring countries.


  • The creation of able employment opportunities (1,000+)
  • Increased skilled labour force


  • Increased national electrification rate
  • Fixed long term PPAs ensures stable electricity pricing


  • Less dependence on imported energy from neighbouring countries
  • Avoidance of neighbouring countries’ political influence in remote communities


  • Taxation revenues
  • Taxes on solar farms, assembly plant, corporations, personal income
  • Export power revenue


  • A significant reduction of CO2 emissions annually


  • Visibility as one of the major players in the renewable energy field worldwide